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What to expect in a consultation

Prior to the first consultation you will be sent a detailed questionnaire concerning any symptoms you have and your health concerns. Also you will be asked to keep a 3 day food diary.
In the first consultation, which can take up to 90 minutes, a detailed medical and dietary history is taken. This information is useful for establishing any nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. We are overwhelmed with toxins in the modern world. These could be from pesticides in food, alcohol, tobacco, amalgam dental fillings, air pollution, mobile phone radiation and emotional stress to name a few.
Nutritional medicine can help detoxify these toxins and enhance the immune system by supplying the body with nutrients that it is lacking.
In addition to dietary changes, nutritional supplements will be prescribed (if necessary) to ensure the body receives an adequate supply of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and bowel flora to enhance detoxification and increase vitality. After talking in depth about your health issues and what you hope to achieve with nutritional therapy I will send you a dietary and supplement prescription in addition to possible lifestyle changes that could also be useful in the process of healing.
Follow up consultations are then suggested 4 -6 weeks later.

First consultations are £100 (90 minutes) and follow-ups are £70 (45 minutes)

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