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Nutritional Therapy Abbey Wood

I believe Nutritional Therapy is for everybody if they want it.
In essence it is about simply getting in touch with our inner self and realising what foods and lifestyle choices make us truly feel full of energy, balanced emotionally and give off positive feelings to ourself and others.
Of course other things in our lives will also have a role in this such as exercise, enough sleep, being fulfilled in our work and surrounded by friends and family that nourish us but what we eat and drink is central to our health in a positive or negative way.

The human diet has changed dramatically in the recent history of our evolution and is causing all sorts of health problems. We are unable to adjust to this unnatural diet of processed food, wrong fats, high amounts of sugar and salt (that are highly addictive) as our bodies are not designed to run on these foods.

Nutritional Therapy can help the body back into its natural balance with foods that it is designed for and if necessary, nutritional supplements, as years of being on an imbalanced diet depletes the body of the nutrients it needs to function optimally and in many cases food alone is not enough to make up the long term deficiencies. The other major role of my approach to using nutrients is to continually aid the body to activate its own healing and detoxifying abilities.
Everybody is biochemically individual so there is no one diet for everybody. It is my job to help you find out what is needed for you to reach optimum health.

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